Here you can find the original KWP gaian-punk D.I.Y. graphics (and its source files), as well as contributions from kalikas all over the globe.

Original content


Original graphics are available in PNG image (2560 x 1440 pixels), ready-to-print PDF, and Scalable Vector Graphics format:

  • KWP logo: PNG, PDF (A4), SVG

  • KWP logo and tagline: PNG, PDF (A4), SVG

  • KWP Thunderbird Formation: PNG, PDF (A4), SVG

  • KWP Thunderbird Formation with black background: PNG, PDF (A4), SVG

Source files

This website and its graphics were created using:

  • KWP handwritten logo (SVG)

  • KWP Thunderbird Formation (SVG)

  • True Crimes and Special Elite fonts

  • Pure black & white, yellow (#FFBF00) and two (#D80808) variants (#A40802) of red colour

Fan art

The easiest way to share KWP fan art online is via Google+ social network. All you need to do is to share your stuff to Public using #KalikaWarParty hashtag.

After you share your fan art, it will be publicly visible and available to anyone who will explore #KalikaWarParty hashtag.

Note that this way of sharing is totally out of control—meaning that anybody can use #KalikaWarParty hashtag for anything. The way to deal with this setup is to block the person who shared something you don’t like. After that, any content shared by that person will not be visible to you anymore.

Be mindful that using the Google+ social network to share KWP fan art doesn’t mean that the Non-Virtual Event Protocool doesn’t apply anymore.