Thunderbird Formation


The following is a glimpse of the strategic template of the Kalika War Party, the Thunderbird Formation. This template is the working design for a warrior class to be deployed across the planet from November 2014 onward. Its members are volunteers self-selected from many backgrounds, lands, ethnicities, and languages. They renounce all religions and creeds to engage in Gaian Tantra, guided and protected by the supernatural powers of the shock goddess, Kali. This unique band of warriors embodies and implements the rage of the earth itself, the wrath of the planetary animal mother.

Kali Ma says, “Either you are party to my supernatural magic, or you are rubble.”


Kalika (KAH-lee-kah) means “of, from, or belonging to Kali.” The names of the bands denote specific infernal powers of Gaia, “dakinis”, “mahavidyas”, supernatural witches who oversee the actions of the Party. Mostly derived from classical Sanskrit lore, these names may vary according to who uses them. Some dakinis have names from several cultures, and they may have nicknames or pet names as well. The Gaian dakinis never state their own names, but acquire these names as humans identify them by co-acting with them. The Gaian dakinis match closely with faeries (Celtic), loas (Haitian voudoun), devas (Hindu), and so on. All these are terrestrial female powers which operate simultaneously in the depths of the earth, the sky, and the human psyche. SC indicates the source of the numerical array of these powers: the Shakti Cluster. Like “transformers” (shapeshifting robotic action figures seen in video games and marketed as toys), the Thunderbird Formation is a transformation of the Shakti Cluster with its 18 components intact, but arranged in a different way, dynamically reconfigured. The eye of the Thunderbird is number 18.

Ranks and Bands

Each line of engagement, defining a rank, represents a set of operations essential to the dynamics of the entire Party: imagine the different parts of the body of an eagle, all working together when the eagle flies, lands, and strikes its prey. There is no hierarchy in the Thunderbird Formation, as there is none in the bodily functions of a magnificent raptor like the eagle. All bands are laterally aligned, functional in particular ways and equally important for the strategies, tactics, and operations of the Party. Hindu Tantra gives the name kula or kaula to these bands. Kula means “ass, pelvis,” but also “clan, tantric family unit.” The Mahanirvana Tantra says that at the close of Kali Yuga the supreme magic of liberation is known and performed exclusively by these clans, whose members are called “kaulas”, COW-luhs. In jargon, Kali-worshippers can be called cow-lickers, ass-licking tantrikas. The trope comparing the Great Mother to a cow alludes to a specific mystical experience: hearing the sound of the living planet as a low groan rising from the ground, which sounds remarkably like the lowing of a cow. From November 2014 onward, this sound becomes audible to many people around the world, given they have a natural setting that provides sufficient silence to detect it.

Weapons and Assignments

Each band has its own weapons, assignments, and targets. Weapons include tactics and tools for guerrilla warfare, intellectual definitions such as contra-violence, memes, slogans, insignia, symbols, etc, as well as artistic, literary, musical, cinematic, and theatrical skills of every conceivable kind. Weapons also include paranormal faculties, such as remote viewing and telepathy, bilocation, magical techniques, erotic rituals, incantations, mudras, and tantric spells including the lethal strike or killing spell. The bands specialize in undertaking particular assignments: for example, to destroy the hypnotic effects of advertising, attack GMO production, shatter the networks of institutionalized pedophilia.


With the assignments defined, specific targets come up in the sights of the Party: banksters, currency traders, heads of corporations, lawyers who defend perpetrators, pedophiles, theocrats, propagandists who foment race wars, religious ideologues, media shills, and many more. There is no lack of targets! Kalika warriors decide on an individual basis, or in consultation with other warriors, if a target has to be terminated or merely neutralized. Threat display against targets is one of the prized tactics of the KWP, to be handled with consummate skill. “Make no threat that cannot be implemented” is a strict rule among Kalika warriors.


Knowledge of that which is alive can alone banish terror.

Wilhelm Reich, The Function of the Orgasm

The KWP is a counter-terrorist elite strike force using shamanic magic and other weapons to attack all aspects of social evil. Kalika warriors profile terrorism on the planet today by its initial historical source in religion (the “Z” factor) and its current hydra-type expression in the corporate politics of the State. Kalika warriors stand up against many lies, starting with the mother of all lies in the modern world: “The State protects the people against terrorism.” They act directly on the brutal truth that can no longer be hidden: the State is the primary source of terrorism against all peoples of the world. Countering terror requires striking against the State. It means frontally attacking and taking down the “authorities.”

Judas said, “Behold, the authorities (archons) dwell above us, so it is they who will rule over us.”

The Master replied, “It is you who will rule over them, but only when you rid the world of envy, take upon your minds the divine light, and unite in sacred love (in the bridal chamber).”

Nag Hammadi Codices, III.V, 49-50

To banish the ultimate terror on earth, Kalika warriors bond themselves to that which is most alive, the source of all life as we know it, the earth itself. In declaring war on psychopaths and the enemies of life, the Kalika War Party also declares the end of a widely cherished illusion: “The earth is a stage where history unfolds.” They declare that the earth is no stage, no mere passive setting for human action. They follow the instruction of the Sophianic narrative: history is merely a dream of the earth, a nightmare from which the planetary animal mother, Gaia-Sophia, now begins to awake. She is waking in a lucid dream and seeks out those who want to meet her “in person.” The unparalleled power of that wake-up event now reaches human hearts like an irresistible swell of music that moves you to motion and tears. Sophia’s beauty now breaks into the human mind like a tsunami. Riding that wave, “in the curl,” is the Kalika War Party.

17 Bands in 5 Ranks

18 Eye of the Thunderbird

Kalki/Kali avatar: “Rigdun Labro”—the Tulpa of Gaia-Sophia

Head of all ranks—leading position

  • Sophia’s Correction, revelation of the Aeonic experiment on earth, divine guidance through interactive magic with the earth, the Terma of Gaia Awakening, the Gnostic revival, Gaian ecosorcery, Planetary Tantra, Kala Tantra, liberation from deception, terror, and enslavement, safety for all that lives, sexual-erotic enlightenment, supernatural magic in action, tantric animism free of religious and scientific dogmas, social regeneration

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Rank One

neck and shoulders

  • frontal attack on belief-systems, mind control, all religions

1 Mahakali

aka Kali Ma, Durga, Ambika, Makara, 1001 names…

male warriors with female apprentices (*)

  • Assigned to bring down all religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism) and structures of patriarchal male-mind dominance. Demonstrates the use of morbido, male lust for killing.

9 Matangi

aka Erzulie Dantor (Haitian voudoun), White Buffalo Woman (Lakota)…

women warriors with male apprentices (*)

  • Assigned to teaching rites of passage (puberty, marriage/mating), trickster arts, exposing and demolishing specious paths of spirituality, especially new age narcissism and escapism. Targeting new age guru, all aspects of cultural marxism. Dedicated to teaching the planetary vision quest and proving its unique value and perspective.

13 Kurukulla

aka Athena (archer), Mad Marlena, Switch Bitch, Ceridwen (Celtic),

“motley crew”, men and women in triads (*)

  • Assigned to breaking all taboos, guerilla warfare on glamor and advertizing, breaking through repressive cultural norms, attacking conformity, using pranks, ridicule, and satire to discredit cultural authorities.

NOTE: Special protocols regarding sexual behavior and gender apply to the first three bands, as explained (*). See more under Protocools. In all other bands, women and men mix freely and randomly.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Rank Two

wing thrust, upper body

  • backup, reenforcement, attack on infrastructures of evil and deceit

12 Tantra Mother

aka Vajrayogini, Dorje Phagmo, Diamond Sow, Miss Piggy

  • Assigned to teach release from pretending and the five-skull crown initiation. Targeting secrecy in all realms, attacking individual and institutionalized pedophilia (pedositism).

6 Bhairavi

aka Sekmet, Simhamukhi (lion-headed), Balam (black jaguar), Ixbalanque (Aztec)

  • Assigned in parallel to battle secrecy in all forms, expose and eliminate psychopaths in positions of power and influence, lethal strike on war criminals, arms dealers, defence industry contractors.

The primary weapon of termination in the KWP is the Kalika lethal strike, a ritual method of killing at a distance, APA, “in the absence of physical agency.” Using this ritual, the Kalika strikes with no physical contact with the target, no intermediary, and no detectable weapon such as a gun, knife, explosive, etc. Application of the lethal strike is mandatory for the five bands of the first two ranks, and optional for all other bands. Anyone in the Party can use it, but due to the nature of the enemies to be engaged, these five front bands have to use it to accomplish their assignments and eliminate targets. Other members of the Party who opt out of this practice can participate without taking life, using forms of peaceful aggression such as dissent, sabotage, attack on lies, demolition of social agendas of deceit and division, and so forth.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Rank Three

upper torso and directing wings

  • unification, internal strength, balance of forces, ethics & esthetics

15 Visvamata

aka Yugen (Japanese “precious grace”), Dike, Themis (Greek), Rita (Hindu), Kuan Yin, the Variegated Mother

  • Assigned to guarding and propagating the narrative of the Sophianic Mysteries, vetting entrants into the party, Gaian ethics, intra-party issues. Targeting the legal system, promulgating the correct view of “common law” (consential law).

4 Bhudevi

aka Bhuvaneshvari, many variants of “Mother Earth”, Lakshmi (Hindu)

  • Assigned to fight against enemies of the environment, and to promote ecology, esthetics, material magic with the four elements, etc. Provides safe environments for warriors to gather and confer.

5 Mirita

aka Chinnamasta (self-beheading dakini), Candali, Hotpants

  • Assigned to preserve and reactivate ancient systems of seasonal timing, archaic calendars, megalithic sites, teach the Law of Conduction and other sciences relating to Gaian biophysics. Revives the work of Wilhelm Reich, orgonotics, targets false and specious claims and fraudulent natural science.

11 Swan Deva

aka Swan Devi, Nairatmya (Buddism), the Storykeeper

  • Uniquely assigned to preserve and protect, guard and propagate the narrative of the Sophianic Mysteries, and related grand narratives (master plots) such as the Vajrayana Romance. Oversees cinematic projects that derive from Planetary Tantra. Targeting false and distracting narratives such as the Sitchin scenario, the slave species meme, off-planet channellings, etc. Targets individual channellers.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Rank Four

lower torso and middle force of wings

  • organization, communication, intra-party practices, networking

3 Shodashi, Euphanes

aka Tripurasundari, Sundari, Sweet Sixteen, Euphanes, Glamour Girl, Sarasvati (Hindu)

  • Assigned to develop and disseminate new forms of beauty and esthetics, including the look and style of the KWP, costumes, insignia, etc. Doubles as the team that revives and teaches Gaian alchemy (“As without , so within.”) and post-Maslowian psychology. Works with the weapon of beauty, infiltrates the music/entertainment industry.

8 Idris

aka Bagalamukhi, Mistress of Fate, Moira (Greek), Demonia

  • Assigned to arcane techniques of doubling, dreaming together, astral warfare, remote viewing attacks undertaken by couples. Targets marriage and all conventional forms of pair-bonding. Champion self-determination and romantic individuality for both genders. Attacks feminism.

10 Kamala

aka Iemanja, Kula Devi, Kundalini Devi, Aphrodite, Astarte, Asteroth

  • Assigned to Kala Tantra, erotic arts, sex education, porn-ed. Targets degenerate policies of sex education and gender equality.

16 "Telepaths" (in revision)

aka Channel 16 in the GNE: telepathic network

  • Assigned to all tasks communication, IT, coding, messaging and networking services for the Party, outreach to allies (no recruiting). Assigned also to formal teaching of historical basis of the warrior class, Gnosticism, and the Sophianic mysteries—ie, public relations.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Rank Five

extreme wingtips and claws

  • rear-guard action, clearance, healing, apotropaic magic

2 Tara

aka Dolma, the Wrathful Green Tara, Selector…

  • Assigned to preserve and teach the Grail Legend and the Terma of Gaia Awakening. Targets false and misleading teachings about the Grail and its Guardians. Undertakes the special mission of countering lies about racial identity, eugenics, and multicultural race-mixing.

14 Vudasi, Panacea

aka Hygeia (Greek), Parnashavari (Tibetan, Leaf-Clad Lady), Sacha Mama (Amazonian)

  • Assigned to medic division, psychedelic healing, eugenics, quest for the solution to all ills. Targets big pharma, vaccination programs, weaponized medicine, etc. Uniquely commands the power of the Janus-faced serpent and confers it on others.

7 Dhumavati

aka Our Lady of Smoke, the Sweeper, Crow Woman, the Gitana

  • Assigned to treat emotional damage, grief, separation, and loss within the Party. Targets false therapies of transformation. “Gives grief” to self-declared healers and other charlatans.

17 Terma Guard

aka Durtro Lhamo, Dangerous Protector, special guardian of termas and tertons (Tibetan Buddhism)

  • Assigned to wrangle with anyone who tries to interfere with the Terma, use of apotropaic magic, threat management, name and shame enemies of the Party or those who fraudulently claim to belong to it.


This compilation provides some initial clues to the assignments of the bands. A complete picture of assignments, weapons, and targets can never be achieved or fully and definitively stated. These factors expand continuously into definition and action as the Party emerges.

To keep current with the expansion of the Party, Kalika warriors often play a game called “KWP Quiz Time” by asking: What band of the Kalika War Party has the assignment…say, to attack the historical lie about the Holocaust, or take down the record industry, or stop fluoridation of water? Each time some aspect of social evil comes to mind, you can ask which bands takes on the fight against it. In this way, the specialities of the 17 bands can be defined with great precision over time.

How to you know where to take your stand in the bands of the KWP? The positions are self-assigned, but what are the criteria for choosing a band? These criteria can vary depending on the passion, perspective, and sense of purpose of each individual. Be sure of one thing:

Defining your position in the bands will be a defining event in your life.

Perhaps even THE defining event.

There are two approaches for placing yourself in a band:

Consider your highest passion in life, based on what you consider to be your strongest skill or talent. Then ask yourself how that talent could be applied to the assignments given for each band, until you hit the one that fits. Or designate a new assignment corresponding to the mission that your passion compels you to pursue… Then, in discussion with members of the Party, you can determine to which band that mission can be assigned.

Another approach: Try to narrow down what you hate the most passionately about what is happening in the world due to the apparent dominance of the enemies of life. What do you hate most deeply in what you see being done to harm humanity? This approach, if you can focus the hate, may lead you more rapidly than any other to your place in the bands of the Kalika War Party.