Frequently asked questions


  • Q: How can I join the KWP?

  • A: You join the KWP when you self-select yourself into one of 17 bands in the Thunderbird Formation, and when you connect in the real world with at least one other warrior—as advised in the “tantric buddy system.” It is not necessary that you are in the same band, although it is better that way.

* * *

  • Q: How do I find other KWP warriors in the real world?

  • A: Start looking around yourself; your family, friends, acquaintances, or total strangers in the street—maybe some of them share the same warrior spirit. Another option is to connect with other kalikas who live near you and who are also in love with the Sophianic vision story.

Thunderbird Formation

  • Q: How do I know where to take my stand in the bands of the KWP?

  • A: You can find the answer to that question at the Thunderbird Formation page.


  • Q: Do you have a contact address?

  • A: First and foremost, KWP is a highly decentralized party. Nevertheless, obviously there is someone who is managing this website and providing its content, and that someone can be reached via the email address. As a true kalika, please surrender your attainment, not precluding that the answer to your email will come from the realm of the Supernatural.

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  • Q: How can I get email notifications about new stuff published on the KWP website?

  • A: By subscribing to the KWP news mailing list.

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  • Q: Where can I get some kalika artwork?

  • A: Right there at the KWP Artwork page.