It is a rainy day here in Spain. It’s been pouring all day under a grey cloud cover. I have been cleaning house and communing with the cats. A day just like any other, to all appearances. But certainly for yours truly, a day that stands on its own, unique in his lifetime. I consider the KWP to stand apart from all that I have taught so far or from any project I have undertaken through the last 30 years. The GNE was a great teaching project directed to a select group of students. I am sure it will prove to have enduring value for generations to come. It is the first world-class legacy of those who engage in Planetary Tantra and observe the Terma of Gaia Awakening.

The KWP is directed to the entire world, to this generation and those to come. It reaches beyond any select group of student allies. On the day of its inauguration, I have no idea how this challenge will be received and play out in the world at large. But I am sure that the timing is right, the moment is well-chosen. Its initial form is merely a blueprint for deployment against the many fronts where the enemies of life pursue their assault on humanity—but for those who are disposed to join the warrior class, it carries a call to engagement unlike any other you have met in this life.

For those who are targeted, who are certainly watching this event, it carries something else: a message of fear. The announcement of the KWP is itself an instance of threat display, the technique to be employed by many bands facing diverse adversaries. Releasing the KWP website to world-wide access constitutes the act of “throwing down the gauntlet,” to use a term from the medieval world of chivalry.

Kalika warriors, you are good to go.

Fear is of course a primary weapon of psychopaths and the enemies if life. They use fear as one of their most effective weapons to control those they would dominate, manipulate, and destroy—but do the enemies of life control the fear they use? At this unique moment in human history, I propose that all warriors consider the battle ahead with this proposition in mind: Defeating those who use fear as a tool of control depends on controlling the force of fear, mastering the demon of fear, and turning it against the enemies of life. You are called to this challenge: to master that fiend called fear so that you are not controlled by fear, but you control it.

People have said that love is the answer to changing the world for the better. Along with winning the battle for the narrative, I would say that fear is the answer to the current world crisis, but fear controlled by those who love life. The battle ahead is for control of fear. By controlling the force of fear, that particular fiend, you can prevail over those who control by fear. That is the leading paradox of the battle now in progress. I ask you to contemplate that paradox.

Finally, to address one concern: the fear that danger and harm comes to myself and those who engage in the Kalika War Party. Targeting ourselves to be attacked by the authorities, for instance. Attracting negative attention. A couple of weeks ago as I was preparing the KWP site, I had a few tremors of fear about the undertaking. I live in peace and relative security, without interference: why should I invite trouble upon my life? Then the tremor passed and I felt again the lovely sense of total fearlessness, the blessing of every true warrior.

I can best put the matter in terms of a gaming metaphor. Engagement in the KWP is not likely to increase the odds that you will be hassled or harmed by the authorities, for reasons they invent or no reason at all, but it does increase the odds that you can oppose and defeat the authorities, thus eliminating social evil from your life and that of many others, countless others. Is that a chance worth taking? As it stands now, the authorities hold everyone under surveillance and threat, or they would like you to believe they do. Joining the Party won’t make that situation worse, but it can improve the odds of ridding this planet of the human vermin who traffic in fear, deceit, and control. The KWP is a big gamble, intended to win big.

Mother Kali says: Be ruthless in self-love.