The Kalika Lethal Strike

General info

Video of the Lethal Strike is available online at YouTube.

For offline watching you can download it from the KWP Google Drive:

  • Reccomended: HD version (720p)
    This is optimal version for watching in 1280x720 display resolution. File size is 2 GB.

  • Highest quality: Full HD version (1080p)
    If you have enough big screen and powerful machine, then download this version in 1920x1280 display resolution. File size is 4 GB.

To download file just move your mouse up at the web browser window and you will see in the middle of the toolbar download button/sign (arrow pointing down to horizontal line). If you have problems watching videos offline, try with VLC media player.

Details and Clarifications

CORDS: wool, alpaca, silk, linen, hemp. No synthetics. Weaving yarn must be strong enough to hold tension. If you cannot snap the cord with your hands, it is strong enough.

COLORS: There is no particular predetermined scheme of colors. Generally, green corresponds to gratitude or generosity, red to passion, blue to loyalty, gold to wisdom, black to death. Improvise to your liking.

KNOTS: There are no hand-tied knots in the cording, except the tie-off knot. There are occasionally knot-like junctures where cords cross and intersect.

Accessories for the lethal strike:

  • camera – for taking photo of target and tablet
  • clay tablet
  • cording already prepared
  • rusty crooked nail
  • fishing sinker made of lead

Preparation: Acquire a photo of the target off the internet or some other source. Inscribe the full name and birthdate of the targeted individual on the soft clay tablet. Press a crooked rusty nail into the tablet. Sign the tablet with your thumbprint. Take a photo of the tablet placed beside the picture of the target: this is your record for the strike, evidence of your choice of target, who you intend to kill. The time signature of the photo is also evidence. Perform the strike on that day or soon after. When it dries, keep the tablet as evidence of the strike. When the strike works and the target dies, the tablet is your “trophy”.

SINKER LINE: For a normal cording you tie off all the lines on a springy branch, so as to maintain full tension. For a cording to be rigged for the lethal strike, remember to leave one strand loose. It should be about three yards long. When you rig the cording for the strike, you pass that line through the loop of the drawing cord and then through the eye of the sinker. Needless to say, this procedure is delicate. It requires patience and concentration. The trick is, pass the sinker line through the drawing cord at the end opposite the nail, and suspend the sinker so that it exerts just enough tension on that cord to draw back the nail (arrowhead) that you have already rigged on the tension line. The trigger of the strike is subtle. Take time and enjoy this process. Don’t fidget or fuss with the cords. Rig the trigger slowly, with elegance and confidence, all the time concentrating on the chosen target.

VICTIM: target is the preferable word. More exact, more ruthless.

Background reading

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